Woodley's Wings & Wheels Open House and STEM Expo welcomes the Aero Club of Southern California (ACSC) to it's 2017 event!

ASCS is dedicated to the advancement of aviation and aerospace and to honor outstanding contributors to the industry. It is also passionate for inspiring young minds and supporting their involvement in the industry.

The history of the organization goes back as far as 1908, but it was chartered in August 1925 after World War I and was inspired by the use of powered flight during wartime. Since then, it has set out to increase public awareness and to highlight the innovative uses for aviation in the United States and around the world.

ASCS is probably best known throughout the industry for the successful campaign it lobbied to save the famed Howard Hughes HK-1 "Flying Boat." It was the world’s largest aircraft and was in jeopardy of being scrapped and destroyed. The Hughes organization turned ownership of the giant wooden seaplane over to the ACSC during the 80's and for more than a decade the organization worked with several commercial exhibitors to keep the history of the aircraft preserved. The general public commonly referred to the plane as "The Spruce Goose," which until 1992 was located in a huge domed facility in Long Beach, California. When that facility was eventually forced to close, the organization arranged for the "Spruce Goose" to be moved to McMinnville, Oregon, where it sits today as the centerpiece of a major new museum of aviation history.

Today, ACSC’s work continues on many fronts. The most significant would be their efforts of providing annual scholarship that help deserving students who are working toward careers in aviation and aerospace and their STEM initiative. To date, ASCS has provided scholarships to students totalling over $350,000 to assist with their educations.

All qualified students interested in pursuing careers in aviation or currently pursuing them are encouraged to visit the ASCS display inside the STEM pavilion.

(Application deadline is July 15, this year)

The Aero Club of Southern California, in order to assist air-minded young people in pursuit of their education, is offering annual scholarship grants to:

  1. High school students who plan to pursue classroom studies in aviation or aerospace, ($2,500 grants)
  2. Students currently pursuing aviation/aerospace classroom studies in a College, University or nationally accredited technical school ($5,000 grants).

Applicants must demonstrate intent to pursue a career in aviation or aerospace, must maintain a 3.0 GPA, and must be a full time student at the time the scholarship is awarded.

More information about the Aero Club of Southern California can be found by visiting their website at: http://www.aeroclubsocal.org